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Hing-Fung PANG Thomas was born and raised in Hong Kong, and is a classical musician, music artist, music writer, filmmaker, photographer, and graphic designer.


In 2014, he founded Die Musikzeitung, a Hong Kong-based organisation that aims to promote classical music to the public through simple and understandable articles, challenging the common belief that classical music is dull. The organisation's name means 'the music newspaper' in German, and its goal is to make music as common as reading the newspaper in people's daily lives. The operation of Die Musikzeitung ranges from old to new, showcasing the diversity of music and enriching readers' musical experiences. Thomas and his team also offer a programme notes writing service, commissioned by various performing organisations such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Art Festival, and the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra. Since 2016, Thomas has completed several commissions from RMIT University Orchestra and EMS Orchestra from The University of Melbourne.

Thomas started playing the violin at the age of 8 and the viola in secondary school. He was the chairperson of Wah Yan College Kowloon Symphony Orchestra, which won the championship at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in 2013. In the past few years, Thomas has participated in musical tours in various countries such as Indonesia, Belgium, and Hungary. He has played as a freelance player in various orchestras in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra, the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra, and Gustav Mahler Orchestra. Thomas has performed on-stage with world-renowned musicians such as conductor Vassily Sinaisky, cellist Trey Lee, and violinist Joshua Bell. In 2015, he attended a conducting masterclass held by the Asian Youth Orchestra under the tutelage of music educator Richard Pontzious and famous conductor James Judd.

As a sound engineer, Thomas began arranging and recording his first work in 2017. He has recorded different kinds of music, including covers and soundtracks, with works encompassing a wide range of styles such as classical, minimalism, ambience, and new-age. Leere, inspired by classic horror films and contemporary classical music, has received great acclaim. In 2019, Thomas became a Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal artist. His works are now available on these streaming platforms.

Thomas is a talented film and analogue photographer who has gained a reputation for his stunning portraits of models and artists. His work has been featured in various mediums. Thomas's works explore the different faces of people and cities in a modern context. With a keen eye for capturing people's best moments, Thomas specialises in shooting portraits that reveal the essence and individuality of each subject. His skill lies in creating a comfortable and engaging environment, allowing the true personality of his subjects to shine through the lens.

After completing his Bachelor's Degree, Thomas continued his education at RMIT University, where he pursued a Master's degree in Creative Media. During his time at RMIT, he has worked on a variety of creative media projects, including film and web series production, as well as collaborating with others in the field.

In his spare time, Thomas also enjoys website building and has received numerous commissions from different parties, showcasing his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, Thomas is a proud graduate of the Master of Media program at RMIT University, where he has honed his skills and expanded his creative capabilities even further.


Click the following icon to download Thomas's CV. Further information is available upon request.

Mentors' Comments.


"Thomas is an enthusiastic and reliable crew member, very supportive of other students developing their skills, a good listener, and calm under pressure." 

Dr Andrea Rassell 

Forrest Prospect Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia

"I had the pleasure of mentoring Thomas throughout his undergraduate degree program at RMIT University and admired his creativity, tenacity and drive. He completed his degree program as one of the highest achieving students in his cohort with the utmost maturity and professionalism." 

Dr Gene Shill
Head of Studio (Melbourne), JMC Academy.


"Thomas studied with me in the Masters of Media program at RMIT University. He consistently received high marks for his work and is a talented and dedicated creator." 

Dr Polly Stanton 
Lecturer at RMIT University

"Thomas has a great understanding of digital marketing and graphic design. He created his own website and social media pages about classical music, which targeted different groups of audiences. He did most of the graphic designs for the website and organized the articles very well. He also wrote good programme notes for educational purposes. His writing is interesting and easy to understand, which encourages beginners to get in touch with classical music." 

Carman Lam
Deputy Outreach Manager at Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Ltd

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