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Click here to visit Thomas's Photography Portfolio Website.

Thomas is a talented freelance event photographer based in Hong Kong, with a wealth of experience shooting at a variety of events, including music concerts and contests.

Thomas has discovered a passion for film photography in 2021, which has led him to begin establishing a successful career in this field. In his spare time, he loves nothing more than exploring the vibrant city of Melbourne, camera in hand, capturing stunning shots of people and landscapes.

To achieve these shots, Thomas relies on a range of high-quality cameras, including his trusty Pentax 67, Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, Nikon F3 HP, and Nikon FM2, which are his primary cameras of choice. In addition, he also owns several other cameras, each with its own unique features, enabling him to adapt his approach to suit different shooting purposes.

Photo Credit: Steve

Portraits of Melbourne.

Thomas launched a campaign in May 2021, shooting portraits for his friends and people around the city of Melbourne. The collection aims to capture the faces of different people in this most livable city, demonstrating the beauty of people's connections in a post-COVID era.

Thomas also collaborates with models from time to time, taking portraits and still shots for them. 

This part will be updated from time to time. Please come back again for new photos.

Landscape of Melbourne.

Similar to the Portraits of Melbourne campaign, Landscape of Melbourne is a collection in which Thomas takes photos when he wanders around the city. 

More photos will be uploaded in the future.

Instagram Reels.

Thome creates Instagram Reels featuring different photography themes from time to time. He believes that photographs can be presented in a more interactive and dynamic way with the music he picks. Click here to watch more reels. 


Underexposed copy.jpg

Thomas published his very first zine Underexposed in 2022.

The zine features four different themes, Melbourne, Sea, Portraits and Pets. All photos were taken between 2021 and 2022, documenting Thomas's journey around Melbourne and meeting different people. 

A sample of this zine is available below.

Zine Feature.

Thomas's photo was featured in Lowkey Zine Issue 2 and Issue 4, a Melbourne local film photography-themed magazine for two consecutive years. 

Social Media.

To follow up on Thomas's newest photo shoot, you may follow his photography Instagram account. You can also send him a direct message or email for collaboration.

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