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Music Creations.


Genre: Ambient Music/Space Music

Composer: Thomas Pang

Arranger: Thomas Pang

Performer: Thomas Pang

Mixing: Thomas Pang

Producer: Thomas Pang

Leere is a German term that translates to 'Void.' This contemporary piece draws inspiration from the works of György Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Pierre Boulez. It tells the captivating story of an astronaut's encounter with an unidentified extraterrestrial species.


Genre: New Age

Sample Source: Okunoin Temple

Mixing: Thomas Pang
Producer: Thomas Pang

Hannyashinkyō" is the Japanese translation of "The Heart Sūtra," a revered scripture in Mahāyāna Buddhism. This work features a sample from an audio track chanted by a group of monks in Japan. The ethereal ambience is further enriched by the use of traditional East Asian instruments, evoking an exotic atmosphere.


Genre: Space Music/Ambient Music/Soundtrack

Composer: Thomas
Mixing: Thomas Pang
Producer: Thomas Pang

The name 'Andromeda' takes inspiration from the Andromeda Galaxy, which happens to be the closest major galaxy to our Milky Way. This track seamlessly blends elements of ambient music and space music, creating a captivating sonic experience. Additionally, 'Andromeda' serves as an experimental piece, allowing me to explore and test various synthesizer combinations.

Album Artwork Showcase

Thomas is a dedicated designer with a passion for crafting distinctive and visually striking album artwork for his music. He firmly believes that the record cover plays a pivotal role in shaping the listener's initial impression.

Careful consideration goes into the selection of both photos and fonts, ensuring that they harmonize seamlessly to provide the audience with an unparalleled visual and auditory experience.

Original Soundtrack.

ERIC@UNI represents Thomas's debut directorial effort. This web series pilot narrates the compelling story of an international student from Hong Kong navigating the intricacies of Australian life. Since its premiere on the 28th of October 2019, the work has garnered widespread acclaim.

Notably, Thomas also undertook the task of composing the soundtrack for ERIC@UNI. Employing a minimalist approach, he skillfully crafted the music using simple plugins and loops, enhancing the overall experience of this web series pilot.

As an Artist.

Thomas embarked on his career as a composer in 2017, crafting a diverse array of compositions during his Bachelor's Degree at RMIT University.

In 2019, he achieved the distinction of becoming an official artist on Spotify. His carefully curated selection of works has been made available on Spotify and other prominent streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Google Play, and Tidal.

Listen to more unpublished works on SoundCloud
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